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September 2, 2011

To celebrate our twenty-five years in socially responsible investing, we are throwing a client appreciation party, and you are invited.  That’s twenty-five years of helping investors use their money to change the world, longer than one-tenth of this nation’s history!  This event will be a presentation/talk by one of the leaders in progressive shareholder engagement, Andy Behar, CEO of As You Sow, preceded by a stand-up dinner provided by “5/Five,” the award-winning restaurant at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza. 

Andy is a fascinating and entertaining speaker and his topic is one of the more exciting and effective elements of SRI.  “Shareholder Advocacy” is the process of engaging with corporations  to encourage them to take greater responsibility for their effects on the world.  This is one of the most important ways in which your money may be used to create real change in corporate behavior and corporate influence.

As You Sow has played a lead role in the struggle to get computer companies to take responsibility for their products at end-of-life, in getting retailers to sell certified wood instead of original growth, in encouraging soda companies to recycle, in removing toxics like BPA from our food stores and the list goes on.   This talk will be fun.

This is where the excitement in SRI takes place and where real change is made.  Please come, listen to a lead advocate tell his stories, and ask questions about past victories (and failures).  I hope you will come help us celebrate our twenty-five years in SRI (since August, 1986). 

Event Info:

Where?  The Hotel Shattuck Plaza in downtown Berkeley at 2086 Allston Way at the corner of Shattuck.  This is one block from the Berkeley BART station.  There are two public garages within one block (on Allston and Kittredge).

When?  TUESDAY, November 15th from 6pm – 8pm.

What?  Food and drink will be served in the courtyard behind “5/Five” Restaurant, and Andy’s talk will be in a conference room behind the courtyard.

Cost:  Our treat – This is a client appreciation event to which everyone on this mailing list is invited.  You are encouraged to bring a guest if you like.

Sponsored by Calvert Group

Space is limited, so please make your reservation early.


Lincoln & Justin

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