Fiduciary Consulting

Institutions have values and goals.  Serving the stewards of those values and goals is our first job as fiduciary advisors.

We advise the trustees of retirement plans and employers and/or owners who wish to establish retirement plans.

We advise the fiduciaries of foundations, labor unions non-profits and charities which have invested or investable reserves.

For retirement plans we help determine the appropriate plan structure and, for 401(k) plans we help trustees create in investment policy statement (IPS), conduct the due diligence in choosing a plan menu, maintain a due diligence file and educate the participants in the use of the plan menu.

For institutions with reserves we help match the account structures and investment strategies to the goals of the organization, the purposes of the accounts and the risks the organization faces.

We are pleased to advise those institutions which wish to utilize “Mission-Based Investing” or SRI as a part of their investing strategy.

In all cases we help the organization fiduciaries be aware of what fiduciary standard of care they operate under and we keep them up-to-date on their progress in satisfying the current fiduciary best practices.  We are the anti-Madoff for institutions.

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