We serve people who wish to use their investments to help change the world for the better.

We have been specializing in socially responsible investing (SRI) for families and individuals and mission-based investing for organizations for a cumulative 31 years.

We provide three basic services:

  • Financial planning for families and individuals (fee-based)
  • Portfolio Management (SRI)
  • Advice to fiduciaries of non-profits, labor unions, trusts and progressive businesses

Financial Planning

Financial planning is both a personal and a financial process. We begin all financial planning with deep goal assessment and a mission statement. All planning is guided by a combination of goals and financial needs.

The core of a plan is a calculation of what it will take for you to realize your present and future needs and goals.  The financial planning process looks at a number of areas including cash flow, investments, risk management, retirement, taxes and estate planning to help answer a number of important questions including:

Are you saving enough?  What should you save?  What should you invest?  How should you invest?

Are the companies you are invested in adding to the world’s problems?  How can you invest to make the world a better place? How can your financial plan serve you and your values?

How should you allocate your investments?  How much?  How much will you be able to spend?  How much can you spend now?  If you have children, what is the best way to invest for their education?  Other support?

What do you need to keep you safe?  How much emergency fund should you keep?  How much insurance?  Are your home owners/renters, auto and other liability insurance policies coordinated?

How should you structure your estate planning documents (will, powers of attorney, etc.)?  If you are a “non-standard” family, what extra tax and estate planning do you need to do?  How can you make sure that you will have a say in a partner’s care in a hospital?

When can you retire?  When should you begin taking Social Security?  How should your retirement plans be structured?  How should you withdraw your money from your portfolios?  And how will you coordinate all of these considerations, and more?

We have been helping people answer these questions, and others, for a cumulative 31 years.

Portfolio Management
The three guiding elements of portfolio management are time horizon, diversification and appropriate allocation. We help investors set goals and then plan and allocate toward reaching those goals, not “shoot the moon.”

In conjunction with First Affirmative Financial Network, we help investors choose a team of portfolio managers, provide on-going monitoring due-diligence and performance reporting on those managers, provide a quarterly analysis of results and, occasionally, fire and replace management firms that have developed problems.

There are three aspects of SRI:  positive and negative portfolio screening, shareholder activism and community investing.

We, First Affirmative Financial Network and many of our portfolio managers are all very involved in shareholder activism, which may be the most effective of the three aspects of SRI.

Community investing is one way to invest locally, where a portion of the investor’s return is called a “social return,” an improvement of the social environment in which we all live.

Advice to Fiduciaries

Investment consulting to institutions and their fiduciaries will include, in part:

  • The needs and risks of the organization and its fiduciaries
  • Accounting for costs
  • Up-to-date Fiduciary Best Practices
  • Appropriate account structure
  • Integration of SRI

SRI 401(k) setup when appropriate


Financial Planning
We offer a complimentary one-hour meeting for prospective clients, during which we determine whether we will work together.

We charge an hourly fee for financial planning.

Fiduciary Advising
Fiduciary advising fees are negotiated.

Portfolio Management
We provide a complimentary one-hour meeting to prospective clients, during which we take their information. Within a few days, we provide a proposal at no charge. Fees vary with size of portfolio and degree of service desired. Minimum account size for portfolio management: There are financial planners available in our office to work with people whose accounts are of any size. Lincoln has a minimum account size of $1 Million.

Personal Notes

We are good listeners and creative planners. We presently serve many special-issue clients such as same-sex and other unmarried families and gay individuals.

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